Elizabeth Thomas, Glyn Teg Hall, Ely By Mr. T. J. HOPKINS, B.A., Cardiff. [On 3 October, 1806, an application was made to the Llandaff Episcopal Court by William Evans, the Welsh missionary on the Cardiff Circuit, for the registration of a building, the property of a certain Thomas Morgan, as a place of worship for the Welsh Wesleyan Methodists of Ely, then a village on the western outskirts of Cardiff. The application marked the beginning of the history of Welsh Wesleyan Methodism in that part of the present city of Cardiff. A chapel was eventually built and Welsh services were held in it throughout the first half of the 19th century. With the growth of Cardiff, however, and the accompanying anglicisation of the district, the cause was transferred to the English work. Later still, when the English Wesleyans built themselves a newer and more handsome place of worship, the chapel was sold to the Roman Catholics. Still later, and in our own day, the Roman Catholics moved out to more spacious premises nearby, and today a notice-board on the original building records that it is now the headquarters of the St. Clare's Boxing Association. Sic transit gloria mundil In 1857 a Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas of Glyn Teg Hall, Ely, presented a communion jug and cup1 to the Welsh Wesleyans of Ely, and the following note on this benefactress has been very kindly written for us by Mr. T. J. Hopkins, head of the MSS Department of Cardiff Central Library.-Ed.] WHEN the 1841 Census was taken, the Thomas family were living in the Ely Hamlet of Llandaff parish. Though the Census Schedule does not give the name of the house in which they lived, the inscription on the communion set leaves us in no doubt but that it was at Glyn Teg Hall at the entrance to the present Ely Brewery and not far from the original Welsh Wesleyan chapel. The particulars given in the Census Schedule are as follows: John Thomas Aged 37 Maltster Born in Glamorgan Elizabeth Thomas Aged 34 Born in Glamorgan John Thomas Aged 8 Born in Glamorgan Samuel Thomas Aged 6 Born in Glamorgan Ann Thomas Aged 4 Born in Glamorgan William Thomas Aged 3 Born in Glamorgan Thomas Thomas Aged 1 Born in Glamorgan Elizabeth Jones Aged 20 Female Servant Born in Glamorgan Mary Grifith (sic) Aged 16 Female Servant Born in Glamorgan 1 The inscription on both the cup and jug reads Presented to the Welsh Wesleyan Chapel, Ely, by Mrs. Thomas of Glyn Teg Hall. A.D. 1857.' Glyn Teg still stands, and is now used as offices by the Ely Brewery Company. The communion set is to be seen, together with another cup and plate presented in 1953 in memory of the Rev. and Mrs. Llewellyn Morgan by their children, in a glass case made by, and presented to, Bethel Welsh Methodist chapel, Cardiff, by the present Minister, the Rev. William Parry.