Two illustrious Sons of Cardiganshire By F. Jones The material and records relating to the Davies family were collected some years ago by the Librarian of the National Library of Wales, to whom I am indebted for valuable advice and assistance in the production of this article. Mrs. Helen Behrens, Erw Vran, Denbigh, has also rendered valuable assistance. FARMERS have always been conquerors and have built empires. The finest troops of the Roman legions were recruited from the agrarian population, the farmers of Scandinavia were unparalleled as fighters or colonists, and the farmers and peasants of Britain have always been recognised as the backbone of the nation. Hardy and brave, God-fearing and simple, they realise the importance and dignity of hard work, and there are few with a clearer sense of fair play and of the fitness of things than the countryman. Nearly all truly great men have been closely associated with the soil. The farmhouse of Gorwydd in Llanddewibrefi parish among the Cardigan hills, was formerly the home of a yeoman family which produced men who rose to positions of great importance and responsibility in the Empire. The earliest known ancestor of the family, aocording to manu- scripts of the late Principal J. H. Davies, was one David Jenkin Edward who was born in 1723. He was the father of Robert Davies or David of Gorwydd who was born in 1750. The early generations of the family have not been finally established although evidence exists which enables us to recognise certain relations. A John Davies, living in London, was a freeholder in Gorwydd in 1760, whilst Morgan Davies (afterwards of Llwyn, Llanddewi), an un- doubted kinsman of Robert Davies, owned freeholds at Garth in the same year. The condition of the family was that of respectable yeomen in easy circumstances. Robert Davies married, on 24 June 1789, Eleanor, ninth and youngest child of John Price of Rhosybedw, Llanwrda, Carmarthen- shire. She was born on 13 July 1769, and was thus nineteen years younger than her husband. From this union there were two children, Eleanor and David. Eleanor (the mother) departed this life on 20 Nov. 1792 and was buried at Llanddewi. The widower remarried at Llanddewibrefi on 26 March 1806, his bride on this occasion being one Elizabeth Evans. The will of Robert Davies (dated 16 Nov. 1832, and proved at Carmarthen in the following