Symud i'r prif gynnwys

OWEN AP ROGER OR OWEN ROGERS. Owen AP ROGER was one of the original members of the Stationers Company. He was one of six who paid xx» in Recompence of thayre brakefaste at thayre makynge free the viijth of octobre [1555] (34)1. The fee for makynge fre' at this time was a Half- Noble, or 38. 4d. It is recorded that hectour Devike prentes with owyn Rogers [was] presented the fyrste Daye of octobre [1556] (29) for which the fee of vjd was paid. He contributed iiijd to 'A collection gathered of the companye by the com- mandment of the lorde the maiour and the Courte of aldermen for the howse of brydewell circa 1556 (47), and also ij8 to The benevolence gyven towardes our [In] corperation (51); to the Benevolence towards the musters in 1559, vjd (105). Between July, 1558 and July, 1559 he was licensed to print a ballett called have pytie on the poore iiijd. the Complante of verite iiijd. the Instruction for chyldren and the Trubled mans medicene viijd. (96) During the same period he presented henry walche to be hys apprentes for viij yeres (98), and his name appears in the list of ffynes for defautes for Pryntynge withoute lycense' between July 1558 and August 1559: for pryntinge the Epistelles and gospilles without lycense and for kepynge of a forren[er] with out lycense iij" iiijd for pryntinge of halfe a Reame of ballettes of a nother mans Copye by waye of Desceate XXd for pryntinge withoute lycense The Regester of all them that were burned xxd for that he prynted a ballett of the Lorde Wenfurthe [Wentworth] without lycense ij (101) He was also fined for that he broke the quarter Daye iiijd.' (123) On the xxx of maye' [1560] he was granted his lycense for pryntinge of a boke Called Esocrates to Demonicus iiij• ’ (128). At the end of the year he presented John shyghon for to be his apprentes for vij yeres frome the byrth of our Lorde god [25 December].' (147). Between July, 1560 and July, 1561 he took out licences to print the oration of cardenall Poole the ijde Daye of septembre iiijd (150) a boke called ye epystelles of Bradfordes and Fylpottes vpon predestination iiijd (152) lThe figures in brackets refer to pages in A Transcript of the Registers of the Company of Stationers of London (ed. Edward Arber, London, 1875), Vol. I.