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LLANWDDYN QUAKERS E. R. MORRIS Of the six Quaker burial grounds in Montgomeryshire that in the Cownwy valley in the parish of Llanwddyn is probably the least well- known. The graveyard is of very small extent and is situated on the hillside above the farmhouse of Caeau Bychain or Bryn Cownwy as it is sometimes called. Today the plot is enclosed by iron railings and in the middle is a stone which bears the following inscription: Site of the old Quaker burial ground attached to Garth- bwlch 13 bodies are said to have been interred herein. Actual records show that David Lloyd (died in 1685) and John Thomas Morris of Bryn Cowny (died in or about 1751) were of the number Erected in 1910 at the cost of 4 members of the Society of Friends." The reference to Garthbwlch is to the township of that name in which the burial ground is situated. To what records the inscription refers is by no means clear and the writer has failed to discover any which refer to the burial of David Lloyd and of John Thomas Morris. It may well be that, since 1910, when the stone was put up, these have been lost. However, there are certain other documents and also references in other sources which shed some light on the Quaker gathering in Llanwddyn parish. Chief of these is a bundle of deeds 1705-1816 the property of Friends' Trust and deposited at Friends House, London, which deal with the conveyance of the property to the Society of Friends by the original owner, Margaret Thomas, and with subsequent conveyances to new trustees. The beginnings of Quakerism in Llanwddyn and also its last years are shrouded in obscurity and there are no written accounts by visiting Quakers such as there are for Dolobran, Cloddiau Cochion and Esgair-