Cylchgronau Cymru

Chwiliwch trwy dros 450 o deitlau a 1.2 miliwn o dudalennau

bene hadde betwene Jankyn ap John ap Gwelym Vaghan Gruff' ap M'ed' and Maude the doght[er] of Gruff' ap M'ed' late the wyf of David Vighan ap Gruff' proth on the on p"te and David ap M'ed' Glays John Robore M'ed' Glays & Thomas Glays on the other p'te and specially for the deth of Gruff' Prothe and David ap Gruff' Prothe Whereoff Jankyn ap John ap Gwylym Vaghan Thomas ap Gruff' Gruff' ap M'ed' and Thomas ap Madd' ben bowden to us in iiil iiiis to abide owr ordinannce for the oon p'te and M'ed' Glays Thomas Glays David ap Water Phelip Lawrens Thomas Chapelen Robyn Payn Thomas ap Oweyn Says and other bethe bownden in the same sume to abide owr ordinans for the other p'te as in thayr obligaciones son' als therof to us. made hit appereth more openly knowe ye for the good rest & mene of pese to be hadde hereaft' bytwene thees partyes & for the eschewyng of grete inconveniens that were like to fall betwixte thayme. yf thees distencones & debats werne continued We ordeyne and awarde in thys mat' in the man' and forme that folowyth that ys to say that the seid Maude that was the wyff of David Vighan ap Gruff' Proth schall nev' sewe ne vex David ap M'ed' Glays ny non other body for the deth of David Vighan ap Gruff' Prothe and that the seid David ap M'ed' Glays schall pay or do pay to Gruff' Nicholas for the deth of Gruff' Proth and David Vichan ap Gruff' Prothe ccciiiis to be disposed by the seid Gruff' Nicholas to the use of said Maude and to other of the Kyn of the seid Gruff' Prothe and David Vighan ap Gruff' Proth' as hit can be thoght by the discrecion of the seid Gruff' Nicholas of the whiche sume of ccciiiis cli schall be payed to the seid Gruff' Nicholas on Soneday next aft' the fest of the exaltacion of the Crosse and the other cli to the same Gruff' Nicholas at Est' then next folowyng and that the same David ap M'ed' Glays schall not come in to the towne of Aberystwyth no in the towne no churche of llanpadarne vawr betwyxte thys and the seid fest of Est' and aft' the seid fest then for to be demened in his abyd- yng in the contrey there aft' owr discrecion and that Jankyn Robory shall don an othe called a Sache Wt ccc men at Cardigan byfore Gruff' Nicholas the next Counte day Saf on aft' the date of this endent'es that he was nev' assentyng procuryng sturyng ne of Will' to the hurt ne deth, of Gruff' Prothe ne david Vighan ap Gruff' prothe nothur Sonote ne hurte non of hem but that hys comyng thed' at that tyme was for to kepe the pees and dep'te hem that were in debate then in as much as in hym was And that Ieuan ap David ap Retherghe the same day byfore Gruff' Nicholas schall don a semblable othe for hys excuse wt cc men for the deth of the seid Gruff' Proth' and david Vighan ap Gruff' prothe and that Jankyn Robery and Ieuan ap David Rethergh' aft' thay be delyv'ed owte of p'son and afore the day of the seid othys come not in to the towne of Aberystwyth ne in the towne ne churche of llanpadarne vawr and that the same david ap M'ed' Glays Jankyn Robory Ieuan ap David ap Rethergh' and Meredith Glays for this mat' fro hennes forthewarde schall bere the pees to Maude that was the wyff to David ap Gruff' proth' Jankyn ap John