Symud i'r prif gynnwys

NEW POEMS BY DOROTHY BONARJEE TO DIANA. Oh I will build a little world, of grass and wind and daisies, A little laughing world for you where I can sometimes creep Of thistledown Gust like your hair) and laughter and clear dewdrops, With sunlight for your daytime eyes, and twilight for your sleep. And you shall dance upon the hills with hurrying shadow cloudlets, And run with lovely butterflies and play with baby things, With lambs and bright-eyed furry mice and kittens and grass-hoppers, And understand in your wise mind the song the blackbird sings. And when you're tired of playing alone I know just where we'll wander, We'll find out where the sun runs off and where the white stars go, And where the dog's bark hides itself, and where the fairies gather. Oh I will build a world for you that only we two know MORNING. Through morning fields of dewiness On joyful feet we laughing went, And felt the young day's shy caress, And cool wind-fingers steal Across our eyes ineffably content. But when I kissed your lips, you cried And passionately said When we are dead We shall no longer feel This warm refulgent tide Thrill our responding bodies so But our sad spirits wandering Will never know The summer's languid breath, the tingling mirth Of waves that break in splendid showers, The silken touch of flowers And bloomy fruit, the smell of earth. And oh 'you sorrowfully said- "How I shall miss (A poor insensuous spirit lover-wise) Your hands to touch, your lips to kiss, Your quiet friendly eyes. And now you 're dead. IMMENSITY., To-day a little wind is in the grass So dim you hardly see it pass Or feel its faint soft lips. Yet, if you part the slender bright grass-tips And stooping look quite silently awhile, You see small insects swiftly file Along mysterious twisting ways, Like men in some great thick-meshed forest's maze, Where closely woven branches hide the sky And giant trees toss terribly. So do the grasses toss and sway And giant blades shut out the day.