Symud i'r prif gynnwys

THE WELSH OUTLOOK Where there is no vision the people perish." NOTES OF THE MONTH 87 THE MUSICAL OUTLOOK 90 A CONSTRUCTIVE POLICY FOR WALES. 92 THE BLACK LORD HER- BERT 95 DURING THE COURSE of the past month several of our contemporaries have been good enough to indulge in speculations about the present position, and the future prospects, of the Welsh Outlook. Rumour has been rife, ranging from such important questions as the to be or not to be of the journal, down to such trifles as a change in the person of the editor. We are sorry to have to disappoint all this curiosity; nevertheless we conceive it to be our duty to our readers to declare that there is no intention whatso- ever of making any change in the editor- ship, management, or policy of the Welsh Outlook. What the future may have in store is another matter: we live in a changing world; and the Welsh Outlook does not expect to be immune from the vicissitudes to which all organs of public opinion are subject. THE MORE WE THINK, and look around us, the more convinced do we become that the middle course which we have always advocated is the only Proper one for Wales at present. Our extreme Nationalists are falling into all the errors and the vices which, excusable in some of the oppressed racial minorities of the Continent, are quite inexcusable in a land such as ours where substantial equality between all races has long been established. Nationalism has been responsible for all APRIL, 1927. NOTES OF THE MONTH PAGE THE WELSH BIBLE 97 SCOTTISH AND WELSH NATIONALISM 100 SCHOOLMASTERS I HAVE KNOWN 102 ELECTORAL REFORM 101 CONTENTS: Annual Subscription, 7/6. the worst evils which have harassed the world in the last hundred years. The existence of many nations on the earth is almost an unmixed evil; but it is a fact with which we must reckon. To reduce the number of those nations is the ideal, though it often is not practical politics. Time will do the work. There are now far fewer nations in Europe than there were in the days of the Roman Empire. Lord Bryce has calculated that languages have been growing extinct at the rate of one in every two years. We do not ask that this beneficent process should be consciously and deliberately accelerated; but we do say most emphatically that he who seeks to retard it is doing a disservice to mankind. There are nations in Europe so full of national sentiment that to seek to compel them to blend with other nations would be harmful as well as impossible. Such are the Magyars, the Czechs, and the Greeks. In other cases, however, nationalist senti- ment is of very recent growth.. and may almost be called the artificial creation of a propaganda started by the small educated class. The Lithuanians, Letts, and Esthon- ians are illustrations of this. It is this whipping of a dead horse, this manufacture by a few professors and literary men of an artificial patriotism, which we believe to be so bad. We see it before our eyes in Wales to-day. So far as the spontaneous wishes of the bulk of the people go Home PAGE "DAI DOLCARREG" 106 THE WAY OF THE WORLD 108 CORRESPONDENCE 110 REVIEWS 110 POETRY 91,99 Half Year, 3/9 (post free). PAGE