Cylchgronau Cymru

Chwiliwch trwy dros 450 o deitlau a 1.2 miliwn o dudalennau

The Author: Ivor Thomas Rees is the son of a Rhondda miner. He lives in Swansea, a retired minister of the United Reformed Church. His research interests include Welsh candidates for Parliament, the Assembly and Europe and spring 2005 will see the publication of his book, Welsh Hustings 1885-2004: a Who's Who of Candidates for Westminster, The Assembly and Europe. Notes 1 Lewis Llewelyn Dillwyn, MP Swansea 1855-85, Swansea Town 185-92, industrialist; son of Lewis Weston Dillwyn, MP for Glamorgan 1832-37. 2 Sir Henry Hussey Vivian, MP for Truro, 1852-57, Glamorgan 1857-85, Swansea District 1885-93. Industrialist. Son of John Henry Vivian MP Swansea 1822-55. 1st Baron Swansea 1893. 3 Sir Lewis Jones, Swansea West 1931-45, was a Liberal National and supporter of the National Government, who had the official backing of the Conservative Party 4 John Williams, Gower 1906 Miners' agent & Welsh speaking Baptist Minister. Succeeded by Rt.Hon D R Grenfell, 1922-59, miners' agent & Welsh Congregationalist, Ifor Davies, 1959-82, Personnel Officer & Welsh Congregational deacon, Gareth Wardell, Welsh speaking lecturer, & then Martin Caton, Hertfordshire- born, Swansea City Councillor. 5 Robert John Dickson Burnie, 1892-95. Born Dawlish. Managing Director, Swansea Wagon Company. Mayor of Swansea 1883-84. Too radical for Swansea. Opposed the Boer War. Lived a very private life for his last 10 years. Swansea Town/Swansea West Liberals then went in for imported millionaires to represent them: Sir George Newnes, publisher, 1900-10, Rt.Hon. Sir Alfred Mond, 1910-23; industrialist, MP for Carmarthen 1923-28, 1st Baron Melchett. Joined Conservatives 1928; Rt.Hon Walter Runciman, 1924-29, shipowner, Liberal National MP St.Ives 1931-27, 1st Viscount Runciman. Swansea West's Labour MPs were H Walter Samuel, 1923-24, 1929-32,ex miner & tinplate worker, barrister & future judge; Percy Morris, 1945-59, railway clerk, President, Railway Clerks Association, Mayor of Swansea 1955-56 and Congregational Lay Preacher; Rt.Hon. Alan Williams, since 1964; Born Caerphilly, lecturer. 6 William Williams, MP 1883-85, working man who became a millionaire tinplate manufacturer, Mayor of Swansea, Welsh Congregational Deacon; Rt.Hon. Sir D Brynmor Jones, 1895-1914; Barrister and later High Court Judge; son of leading Congregational Minister; Thomas Jeremiah Williams, Swansea District 1915-18, Swansea East 1918-19, son of William Williams MP, David Matthews 1919-22, Iron & Steel Merchant, Welsh Congregational Deacon, Mayor of Swansea 1909-11. David Williams was Labour MP for Swansea East 1922-41, boilermaker, Anglican. 1st Labour Councillor in Swansea, Mayor 1912-13. His successors were David Llewelyn Mort, 1940-63, Briton Ferry steelworker; Neil McBride, Scottish Roman Catholic brass finisher, and Rt.Hon. Donald Anderson, from 1974, Swansea born diplomat,