TRANSACTIONS OF THE jl)onoura6fe Society of Cymmrodorion. SESSION 1928-29. NONCONFORMIST ACADEMIES IN WALES (1662-1862).1 BY THE REV. H. P. ROBERTS, M.A., CRICKHOWELL.2 CONTENTS. I. — Educational Provision in Wales at the time of the rise of Nonconformist Academies. II. (1) The place and function of Nonconformist Academies. (2) Some English Academies. III. (1) The Presbyterian Academy: Brynllywarch Carmarthen. 1 Read, in part, on behalf of the author by Sir Vincent Evans, before the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, at King's College, in the Strand, on Friday, 26th April, 1929. Chairman, The Right Hon. Lord Clwyd. 2 The author wishes to place on record his indebtedness and thanks to Mr. G. Harold Clennell, secretary to the Presbyterian Fund Board, for his courtesy, and for permission to consult the Minutes of the Board in Dr. Williams's Library, Gordon Square, London, and to Mr. Henderson, of the Memorial Hall, for allowing him to peruse the Minutes of the Congregational Board.