30th September 2003 (London) 'Propagating the Gospel in Wales: the making of the 1650 Act' Dr. Stephen K. Roberts. In the chair: Dr Peter R. Roberts. 28th October 2003 (London) 'Gustav Hoist and Gregynog' Alan Gibbs Esq. In the chair: Dr Rhian Davies The Council wishes to thank those who accepted its invitation to deliver lectures for their valuable contribution to its programme. Thanks are extended, also, to those who chaired its meetings. The lectures were, without exception, well supported. The Transactions for 2002 were published in September 2003. The Council wishes to thank the contributors and puts on record its appreciation of the work undertaken on the volume by the Honorary Editor, Dr Peter Roberts and the Honorary Publications Officers, T.Gwyn Davies and Dr Rhidian Griffiths. The Council arranged the presentation of a small gift to Gwyn Davies on his retirement, in recognition of his valuable service as Hon. Publications Officer for a number of years. The Council is grateful to those members who represented it during the year on various public bodies in Wales. On the recommendation of the Medals Sub-Committee, the Council resolved unanimously to present the Society's Medal to Emyr Humphreys, Norah Isaac and Sir John Meurig Thomas. The intended recipients having indicated their willingness to accept, an appropriate ceremony was arranged, with the valuable help of the University of Wales, Bangor to take place there on 1st November 2003. It was known, ab initio, that Norah Isaac's health would prevent her from being present at the ceremony. Arrangements were therefore made to present the medal to her at her home. Sadly, she died on 3rd August 2003, the day before the presentation was due. The ceremony in Bangor was a great success and well attended. Emyr Humphreys and Sir John Meurig Thomas were presented with their medals by the President, Professor R Rees Davies. Apart from the attendance of members, the Society was also honoured by the presence of a number of guests representing various aspects of Welsh academic and cultural life. The Council is grateful to Professors M. Wynn Thomas and Robin Hughes Williams for introducing the medal recipients and to Professor Derec Llwyd Morgan for delivering a tribute to Norah Isaac at the ceremony. A meeting entitled 'Llwybrau Norah', to commemorate the life of Norah Isaac, was held at Trinity College Carmarthen on 30th November 2003. At that meeting, the Honorary Secretary, John Samuel presented Norah Isaac's medal to the safekeeping of the Mayor of Carmarthen, Peter Hughes Griffiths, pending its eventual location in the Welsh Archive of Theatre and Drama which is to be located at the town. The Concise History of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion by Dewi Watkin Powell and Emrys Jones was published by the Society in booklet form at the end of the year. The Council is grateful for this latest generous contribution of the authors to the activity of the Society.