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BRISTOL, BATH, SOUTH-WALES, AND THE SOUTH-WESTERN COUNTIES, IN CONNEXION WITH Wfyt Bristol an* WLrtt of SBnglairtf Architectural anfcf IHcralfitc £>ocutg. EDITED BY T. H. SEALY, ARCHITECT. TO BE CONTINUED QUARTERLY. " May ne'er That true succession fail of English hearts Who, -with ancestral feeling, can perceive What in those holy fabrics we possess Of ornamental interest, and the charm Of pious sentiment diffused afar. Thus never shall the indignities of time Approach their reverend graces, unopposed; Nor shall the elements be free to hurt Their fair proportions; nor the blinder rage Of bigot zeal madly to overturn." Wordsworth. No. XX.—August 1, 1843. LONDON: CUNNINGHAM & MORTIMER, ADELAIDE STREET, TRAFALGAR SQUARE ; WEALE,HIGH HOLBORN;AND RIVINGTONS, WATERLOO PLACE; 1$ STRONG, CLARE-ST., AND DAVEY, BROAD-ST., BRISTOL ; rvO TARKER, OXFORD ; STEPHENSON, CAMBRIDGE ; S* !' BELL AND BRADFUTE, EDTNHURGH ; AND J. CUMING, DUBLIN. BRIGHT, TYP., BRISTOL,