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, 1. II. III. IV V, VI VII. VIII. IX, . , ;' X, XL -Bipeds in Bronze (F. W.J Hurler) -The Death oe -Eakl BEACONi^EiELr) (J. Hoskyj -AMMERGlAH; PASSION PLAY'' (PROE. MA'CCA'I;I.U -Ideal Km cation : i rs Main Princh r.E (W. -The Athletic Sports ... .... ... . -National Colleges (The Principal) .. -Literary Notj ■ ,; :0f. JV1acCallu>i) -Scientific Notes (Dr. -Common Room Talk; (Yorioe) -College News;' &c; -Acrostic. ■', '.:., Humpidge) PUBLISHED: AT THE COLLEGE ABERYSTWYTH: J. GIBSON I'CAMBKIAN NEWS" PRINTING WORKS, MILL STREET. Subscription for the Session, 3/6; separate numbers, -/7 each.