Symud i'r prif gynnwys

Vlll. RED DRAGON ADVERTISER. IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISERS. THE ONLY MAGAZINE IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE PUBLISHED IN WALES. T IHZ IE RED DRAGON Is a high-class publication which enjoys a large and constantly increasing circulation amongst the nobility, clergy, and gentry of the Principality. It is regularly taken by members of Parliament, landowners, and bankers ; barristers, lawyers, and magistrates ; physicians and surgeons ; ironmasters, colliery owners and managers; railway directors and managers; ship owners, brokers, and merchants ; civil and mining engineers; auctioneers and accountants; and is thus pre-eminently a means of communication with the influential and affluent classes. The following noblemen are included in the list of annual subscribers:— The Marquess of Bute The Earl of Powis The Earl of Jersey Lord Windsor. Lord Tredegar. Lord Aberdare. Unlike the ordinary advertising media, which are thrown away after a glance and then forgotten, the Magazine is read and re-read, the numbers being, in a great many instances, preserved for future reference. The Red Dragon finds ad¬ mission into almost every household of intelligence and respectability in Wales, and has also a large number of sub¬ scribers in England, America, and the Colonies. Its present circulation exceeds that of the vast majority of London Magazines, while its terms to Advertisers are considerably lower. CARDIFF: DANIEL OWEN AND COxVIPANY, PUBLISHERS.