Vol. X. No. 3. THE Red Dragon THE NATIONAL MAGAZINE OF WALES. EDITED BY JAMES HAREIS. SEPTEMBER, 1886. PAGE. I. Nant Olchfa. ByE. A. Dillwyn......193 II. "The Faded Rose Leaf." By the Baroness Swift . . .207 III. John Dyer. By W. Arthur ... ... 208 IV. A Triad of Sonnets. By John Walker .... 229 V. A Journalist's Hide into Gower. By W. Walford Moore . 230 VI. Mawl i Morfudd. By W. Ll. Williams . . .239 VII. Readings in Rhys's "Celtic Britain." III. By Brython. . 240 VIII. In Memoriam—Irvonwy. By Zitella..... 246 IX. The Welshman of English Literature. I. By David Lewis . 248 X. By the Elwy. By J. H. D........ 265 XI. Literature, Art, and Archaeology of the Month . . . . 266 XII. Notes and Queries . ........ 273 XIII. Draconigense.......... 286 <&M&iU: DANIEL OWEN and Co., Limited, WESTERN MAIL BUILDINGS, LONDON: W. KENT and Co., PATERNOSTER ROW. 2rice One Shilling. All Rights Reserved.