Symud i'r prif gynnwys

446 Old Price's Remains. neutral-tinted strato-cumulus-by-stratus (so to speak) had formed much higher up and much nearer, covering a large portion of the sky, and altogether so circumstanced, that I should say the near side of it was wholly inaccessible to the sun's rays, whilst its form was so decidedly stratified that any light passing through it must have been exhibi¬ ted horizontally. Besides which, it was easy to see that the sun was casting no rays in that direction. I was much surprised to see, in front of the centre of this dark grey mass, a strip of white light like the pictorial representa¬ tions of the Shechinah, quite vertical, and passing through several (2 or 3) of these well-marked horizontal beds of the cloud. My sight being a little strained by the ques¬ tionable subsidy of an unquestionably sub-seedy pair of spectacles, I doubted my own eyes, and rubbed them as on a former " grave occasion," (NQ 1. p. 19). When fully assured of the reality of the phenomenon, I opened the carriage door to call the attention of Mr. R.'s coachman to the fact, but he had also been observing it for some time in amazement. The light, as we drove briskly on (we were wrong not to stop for a time, servare de ccelo), was doubled and trebled at least, the several lights being then all rather fainter and quite parallel, and within a quarter of a mile, i.e., very few minutes, it very gradually disappeared, not by shortening, but by fading away so gradually that the precise moment of disappearance could hardly be realized. Cogito, Ergo Sum. " I think, therefore I am," said one Descartes ; That does not satisfy our doubting parties: No; that, they say, is just the question blinking; P'rhaps, after all, we only think we're thinking.