Symud i'r prif gynnwys

454 @M Pri^s Remains, mean the original room where the rats' white feet used to. show under the skirting-board, before he and his indulgent landlord had indulged each other (?) with the deformation and r-rformaUon of that quaint red brick mansion with steep slate roof,—prominent garret windows^—and a high flight of stone steps--few pf the like now left in North Wales, Q. R. Query—Does Cornis, near Flint, retain its old form I Well, there I found him with a few friends,;— perhaps the said Landlord, perhaps Co1- Lloyd, of Marie, perhaps James Royle, but most certainly " Parry of Glan- ydon," (Clerk, whose top boots and limp I can not mistake at this distance (time = space, ye ken), and there they sat, I Relieve discussing Raikes' Port with walnuts off the tree pn the left, and Swan Eggs off the pear tree on the right—to this day in statu quo, are they not ? I broke in upon their quiet little quorum (no unwelcome intruder, albeit at times abrupt, and the bearer of queer messages from the Hwsmon or Dairy-maid) with the anxious en¬ quiry, "Father, what book is this?" He had kept up Latin enough to recognize his old acquaintance, longo post tempore visum, and at once told me it was a Latin Grammar ; adding an envoi which all the ups and downs of life could never efface, " and mind, Johnnie, you must have every word of this at your finger ends by-and-by." I looked aghast at the outlandish pages of "Quae genus,'* "As in prsesenti," &c. I believe I would have bitten those little finger ends off rather than furnish them with such abominations; and, after the usual questions by neighbour Parry " whether I was to be Lord Chancellor or Archbishop of Canterbury," &c, I made my escape, a sadder and a wiser man than I came in ! Without losing a moment, I stuffed the thin little book (an Eton Acci¬ dence) as far as I could drive it under the promiscuous