Symud i'r prif gynnwys

456 Old Price's Remains. Hughes the Clerk's wife, had put him in bodily fear; which diverted me exceedingly for years, coupled with his placid, handsome, Jewish, but somewhat sickly features, to which her most Christian majesty's bold bearing pre¬ sented a striking contrast. Again, Cadi Sion Emawnt (Ang. John Edmond's daughter Katie) laid a complaint against Sion Swch and Sian his wife, for withholding just wages; a charge which led to a nice discrimination between "gwasnaethu,"regular/z/ra/service, and "gweithio" working (however long and hard) without definite arrangement by high contracting parties. To all these discussions the embryo Slickensides would " seriously incline." And, as His Majesty's Justices of the Quorum made all their re¬ marks on the evidence in English, a good deal of Com¬ parative Grammar was there also drawn out, for the instruction of the egin ysgolhaig. With these immense advantages (as I now know them to be) it was no wonder that I rather startled them at Chester by the ease with which I mastered Valpy's Delectus (no better book has re¬ placed it), after a little help from my flexible class-fellow John Grace; and that my master, Old Halton, was cha¬ grined at my removal to a neighbouring school kept by Old Fish, which he justly considered not so very much supe¬ rior to his own. Having added Latin verses and a little Greek grammar in Stanley Place, to the good old-fashioned "grounding" I got at the Bars, I passed a fair examina¬ tion in Dr. Butler's study, and was at once placed in the " Shell" of Shrewsbury School, then by far the best in England ; where I was passing upwards to the top of the •tree, only for one Benjamin H. Kennedy, (now the Head in the highest sense,) beating me as he beat everybody and everything else, and leaving me the sufficient honour of re¬ maining a respectable second to such a first, till we parted, soon to meet again at Cambridge, to work in the same