Symud i'r prif gynnwys

a^itUM ulijuULArj. 1887. The Publisher has undertaken to distribute onb copy gratuitously to every householder in the City; and persons wishing *? obtain more copies may procure the same at the price of One Penny each, but application must be made at once, as only a IlI&ited number is printed. It is hoped that all possible publicity will be given to this circular. THE Proprietor of the " St. Asaph Advertising Circular " embraces this opportunity to thank those who have assisted him in a pecuniary way, by placing their advertisements in his hand, and by their kind patronage helping him substantially in his enterprise. To those who have contributed on various subjects **t prose and poetry, he feels grateful, and to all others who would assist if they could, and could if they would, he tenders his sincere thanks* . It is, no doubt, obvious to the inhabitants of St. Asaph and its vicinity that the bringing out of such a sheet *s no mean adventure. Nevertheless, the Publisher feels confident that the verdict of the public will be, that he has succeeded in issuing a sheet that will meet the taste of all classes of men ; and, what is of far more importance, the taste of the ladies; and that the present sheet will be only the first of a series of similar futures in the future ; in fact, that the public will find such a sheet to be one of their annual requirements, ^d as indispenable as the Christmas Goose or the Christmas Plum Pudding. To please all, he is convinced, is £ot the easiest thing to do, for if the men are met, the ladies are apt to become jealous; if, on the other hand, *be ladies are too plentifully cajtered for, the men will grumble. But the reception with which this sheet will meet, will be a proof to the Publisher that his first venture has not been in vain. "While grateful for all past favours, and looking hopefully for an extension of the same in future, he wishes all his readers, be they old or young, be they rich or poor, AND A VEEY HAPPY NEW YEAE. DIOCESE OF ST. ASAPH. Jishop, The Right Eev. Joshua Hughes, D.D., 1870. Dean, *be Very Eev. Herbert Armitage James, B.D., 1886. Arch- <teacons, (St. Asaph) The Ven. Edw. Smart, M.A., 1887 ; and Montgomery) The Ven. David Richard Thomas, M.A., 1886. ishop's Examining Chaplains, The Rev. Herbert Ryle, M A., tj^sean Professor of Divinity at Cambridge; and The „ev- David Howell, B.D., Canon Residentiary and Vicar 2* Wrexham. Vicars Choral, The Rev. Thomas Brown, t^' (also a surrogate for granting Marriage Licences); J*- Glanffrwd Thomas; T. LI. L. Williams, M.A.; Thomas *4ovd -r a Librarian, The Rev. T. LI. L. Williams, M.A. Ch °yd, B.A. t nancellor, The Worshipful Francis Henry Jeune, M.A. Regis- A^A^°^er* James Sisson, Esq. Deputy Registrar, Mr. Henry S: Cleaver. Hexham. £r, Surveyor of Dilapidations, Edward Jones, Esq., Bishop's Secretaries, Messrs. Day & Son, 88, £ George Street, S.W.; and Mr. J. P. Lewis, Denbigh. loctors for Clerffv in RioiTUAB ior Clergy in Convocation, The Rev. Canon W. M A v?°n' M,A-' Kector of Corwen; and The Rev. J. E. Hill, Tv, V> r °* Welshpool. Proctor for the Dean and Chapter, *** Uev. Canon W. Howell Evans, M.A., Yicar of Owestry. Organist, R. A. Atkins, Esq. Assistant Organist, Mr. Llewelyn Lloyd. Lay Clerks, Decani—Messrs. Felix C. Watkins, Walter Williams, Charles Tomkinson. Cantoris, Messrs. Samuel Powell, M. R. Partington, Junr., William Evans. Choristers, Decani—Frank Williams, Robert Elwy Roberts, Allan Jones, Roger Johnson, Don Hughes, Pierce Elwy Jones. Cantoris—William Ffoulkes Jones, Joseph Lloyd, John Arthur Tomkinson, Alun Williams, Joseph Henry Austen, Robert Parry Jones. Vergers, Messrs. C. Mansbridge and W. H. Robinson. District Probate Registry attached to the Probata Division of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice.—The Dis¬ trict comprises the Counties of Flint, Denbigh, and Merioneth. Application for Grants of Probates or Letters of Administration may be made personally at the Registry or through a Solicitor. Officers : Registrar, R. J. Sisson ; Chief Clerk, Robert Jones; Second Clerk, William G. Kelly; Third Clerk, Peter Jones. County Court«—Registrars, Robert Frederick Sisson, Esq., Oliver George, Esq. Clerks to the Magistrates, Messrs. Sisson and George. Distributor Of Stamps, Mr. Henry A. Cleaver.