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THE Cambrian Natural Observer. ^I._________■_I, jSEs~* 1 1 * uxu33H333E£CV *■ J - QUARTERLY JOURNAL OP THE ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY OF WALES. 'Gfes* Astronomical Society of Wales was forfnded in 1894-5 for the promotion qf the stdpy of Astronomy and the allied Sciences. President:—James Waugh, M.A., Higher Grade School, Cardiff. Vice-presidents:—Geo. Carslake Thompson, LL.M., Park-road, Penarth, and Professor Lloyd Tanner, M.A., F.E.A.S. Librarian.-—George A. S. Atkinson. B.Sc, F.E.A.S., Oakneld-street, Cardiff. Editor:— Arthuj Mee, F.R.A.S., 4. Park-terrace, Penhill. Caroiff. Seeretary:—Miss E. Graham Hagerty, A.R.C.Sc., Higher - Grade - School, Cardiff. Treasurer and Assistant Secretary:—Chas. M Hensman, Lloyds Bank, Penarth. Other Members of Council:—Rev. W. E. Winks. P.R.A.S., Norman Lattey, D. B. W. Powel, D. Conta, and A. A. Williams. Besides its circulation amongst the Associates and Members of the Astronomical Society of Wales, copies of the " Cambrian Natural Observer" are supplied to the Public Libraries of Wales and Monmouthshire, and to various Astronomical, Meteor¬ ological and other institutions at home and abroad. Vol. II., New Series.] NOVEMBER, 1899. [No. 3