Symud i'r prif gynnwys

Cambrian Ilatuval ®htmx Vol. X. SEPTEMBER, 1908. No. 10 New Series. A Really Cheap Telescope. I want to say a word on a theme that is very near my heart. Of the telescope may it be said in a well-known phrase, that " no home is complete without one." If we lived in an ideal age every home would possess (and use) a telescope and microscope, and every school would have a telescope, microscope, and optical lantern. At present we are a good way from this happy state of things, though the schcols at any rate are beginning to level up; but the good time is coming, and we can do something towards helping it on. A number of people are hindered from taking a practical interest in astronomy be¬ cause they labour under the impression that nothing but a great telescope is of any use. Where this notion springs from I am at a loss to conceive, for it is quite as absurd as though a jerson should fancy it was no good learning to shoot till ne had become the possessor of a hundred-ton gun! The hundred-ton gun is a thing in its way; but so are rifles and re¬ volvers, which, indeed, can do what the mons'er can not. If people only realised what a small but good' telescope could show them