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%ht Christian ^tatt&arir. Vol. i. No. 9. MARCH, 1892. Price One Penny. THE CARDIFF EVANGELISTIC MENT. (Inaugurated May, 1891.) MOVE- SPLOTLANDS AND EAST MOORS CENTRE. An Urgent Appeal to God's Stewards for Immediate and Generous Help. PLEASE KJbiAD THIS! )Y Dear Christian Helpers,—On the first page of our Magazine for this month you will see a sketch of the first new Mission Hall, which is being built for the Cardiff Evangelistic Move¬ ment. Before, however, enlarging upon the special call for your immediate and liberal help towards the above centre, allow me, first of all, to refer briefly to the origin of the General Movement. I bad for some time felt that new lines and new methods must be adopted if the thousands of perishing souls in Car¬ diff were to be reached and rescued. So, after much prayer, and corresponding with friends far and near, we. plunged into the breach ; and through the co-operation of good men and true, and of Mr. Seth Joshua, of the Neath Mission, we inaugurated our PLAN OF CAMPAIGN in May last, by pitching our first Tent on PJast Moors, Cardiff. We began here because this was considered the most needy spot in Cardiff. Here we have a population of about 20,000 immortal souls—thousands of whom have sunken as low in the moral scale as is possible for men and woman out of perdition. The drink curse and its numerous progeny are as rife in some parts of East Moors as they can be! A poor woman was killed in a drunken brawl, within a stone's throw of our Tent, the very first Sunday we opened our Tent here, and the man who did it is now undergoing a long period of penal servitude for the crime. Out of the whole gang when that terrible deed was done, only a little boy of seven years of age was sufficiently sober to give evi¬ dence of what really did take place. The people in some of the streets here are huddled together like brute beasts, rather than like hnma,n beings. The religious provision of this great centre of purely working-class population is very meagre. When we began here there was only one Wesleyan schoolroom, to seat 500 ; one English Baptist schoolroom, to seat 500; one Ritualistic Church, to seat 400 ; and one little Mission Church connected with the same, to seat 220—and all these, with the exception of the last named, are situated in the most respectable streets, and away from the worst part of the Moors. But we felt led of God to pitch our Tent in the most heathenish spot in the place, or indeed in Cardiff. We need not tell our readers that we began with mixed feelings of faith and fear. But, praise the Lord, our fears were soon dispelled; and we are now persuaded that Satan was largely at the bottom of all our doubts and fears, for God gave us great favour with the people. Instead of having our Tent torn to pieces as was prophesied by " little faith," the poor people thronged to hear the Word of Life preached, and sung. Our Senior Evangelist (Mr. Seth Joshua) was the pioneer of the campaign on East Moors. Through his earnest, soul- stirring preaching and singing, he won his way at once into the hearts of the people. The power of God so rested upon His young servant, that his words burned into the hearts and consciences of his hearers, and the large Tent became full of the glory of the Lord, like the tent in the wilderness of old. The people felt that God was indeed in the place. The result was that very many gave up their evil ways and turned to the Lord, and are now going on their way rejoicing to the better land, where there is no sin and sorrow. The big Tent was crowded, be the weather what it might. We have seen them wading their way through water and mud, and sitting quietly in the Tent, when wind and rain threat¬ ened to blow canvas and all away. The work so prospered in the large Tent that we resolved upon purchasing a smaller Tent for the dear children; for we found hundreds of poor boys and girls, whom no one cared for their souls, most anxious to join us and share our blessings. This again turned out to be of God, and a great and a good work was began among the children. One of the most pleasing features of our Movement is the deep and en¬ thusiastic interest the children take in it. They seem as eager for its success as any of us. The secret of all this, through the blessing of God, is that the children have dis¬ covered that the workers connected with the mission centres love them. Love is the great key into the heart of young and old. This is the great key which God uses, and all successful workers for God must possess the same. No man can be successful in God's work, and in soul-saving work, unless he possesses a passionate love for God and souls. This is our experience. O for more and more love for Jesus Christ and men. This extending of the Mission to the neglected children meant more and more work, and this meant more and more need of workers. We were not disappointed in this, for He that feedeth the sparrows sent us the very men and women we needed in the persons of Messrs. W. Roberts, and W. D. O. Jones, &c. " THE CHRISTIAN STANDARD." At this time, too, we felt that we stood sadly in need of a Magazine and a General Secretary, and a good Christian instructor. And, while we were wondering what we should do to cope with our ever-increasing work, and how we could make the operations of the Movement felt through the country, so that others may take courage to begin similar work at the great centres of population, we received a kinp letter from Rev. J. Griffith, who was just home from Canada, asking if he could render us any help. This was the very thing we had been praying for, and all who know Mr. Griffiths will agree with us that he has rendered the Move¬ ment good and great service as Editor of the Christian Standard, which, we believe, has done—and is doing— immense good, by inspiring the churches of our land to aggressive work. , EVANGELIST HOWELL, t The East Moors Centre had to par with Evangelist Joshua in two months, for he was called to open a new mission centre at Riverside, Canton. The question now was, who should follow up the good and great w rk begun on East Moors ? Our thoughts were directed 00 Mr. H. G. Howell, of Skewen, who was doing the work of atn Evangelist here and there all over the country. We wrote to him, and got a favourable reply. He undertook, through th e help of God and ours, to take his stand for Christ in this strongest point of the devil's kingdom in Cardiff. Nothing but faith in God could have induced him to undertake such a tremendous task. And the Lord has rewarded his faith and his labour of love, by giving him marvellous favour with the people, and many souls for his hire. The Lord put His seal upon this choice at once, and continues to do so. The people among whom he labours love him with a passionate love, and no wonder, for his advent among them has brought joy to their hearts and homes. He has a most devoted band of helpers, who second him in every good effort, and who stand by him week-diiys and Sundays, both in his in-door and out-door work. The great gales of October 13th, which did such damage on sea and land, played havoc with our Tents, both at East Moors and Canton, and compelled us to quit our canvas tents, and to go to the expense of constructing WOODEN BUILDINGS. This was done as if by magic. The East Moors Wooden