Cylchgronau Cymru

Chwiliwch trwy dros 450 o deitlau a 1.2 miliwn o dudalennau

L. I. C. & M. I. The Messenger of the Catholic Church, (Cambro Breton Mission). LLANRWST, North Wales. a'chV^' Se. I. 3rd October 1909. No. 7. •$h *$h ft? ft? ft? •$? ft? 4* ft? ft? *$? ft? ft? **?? 4* ft? ft? ft? ft? ft? ft? ft? ft* ft? 4* ft? ft? ft? ft? ft? 4* ft? a JbJ^3[lx S Jti©i§J§L r# " The Rosary is the most efficacious prayer for the increase, in the hearts of the Faith¬ ful, of devotion towards the Mother of GOD." (Leo xm). The entire month, and especially the first Sunday, of October is devoted to honour the mysteries of the Holy Rosary. The universal popularity of this devotion and the wonderful graces obtained by its practice are the best guarantees of its excellence. The prayers of which it is made up were the favourite prayers of the Church in all ages. The mysteries commemorated make a review of what our Divine Redeemer did and suffered for us. In them we find incitement to practise the virtues most necessary for pro¬ curing eternal happiness. It is easy to see, then, what a powerful means we have to persevere in the love of GOD, hatred of sin and control of our passions. Besides, the example of JESUS and MARY encourages us, in our trials, to imitate them. How many times has the remem¬ brance of the nightly family Rosary of earlier years served as an anchor to a storm-tossed soul, or a shield to defend the youth forced by circumstances to face the dangers of bad ex¬ ample or wily seductions ? Those in charge of others ought to establish the recitation of the Rosary in common every night beforo retiring to rest. No matter now humble the home may be, or how scant its comforts, the in¬ cense of family prayer will make it dear to GOD and attract the protection of the Queen of Heaven. Every home thus blessed be¬ comes a cradle of faith, a school of virtue and a citadel of the Church against the assaults of immorality and infidelity. " Catholic Life " (Washbourne)