Cylchgronau Cymru

Chwiliwch trwy dros 450 o deitlau a 1.2 miliwn o dudalennau

L. I. C. & M. I. e*jKK£D liMD^^iQ lii/^KS^sm. The Messenger of the Catholic Church (Cambro Breton Mission), LLANRWST, North Wales. Vol. I. 13th Februaey 1910. No. 26. *t? •$? •$* 4* *fa *fa *fc •&* *$h 4* *fc ^h •$• •&• ^ ^ ^ •$* *$* •$* *&• *$? •$• •$* *$* 4* ^ •$* ^ 4* ^ •$*■ "LLEDAENXAD Y FFYDD." > <••*■ < The " Propagation of the Faith " is an Association which has for its object the spread of the Catholic Faith to all nations of the earth. This Association, with the means put at its disposal by the Faithful, is ready to sent Missioners into heathen lands, or where such Missioners are required ; and the administrators of its funds are always ready to assist financially in establishing these Missioners in the Missions where they take up their work. This Association, then, has for its object the furthering of the command of Jesus-Christ,. when He said, "Go ye and teach all nations." Surely we ought to look upon it as a privilege to belong to such an Association. But, great as is the privilege of fellowship in so noble a work, that fellowship is far from being a mere empty honour. It brings with it a rich reward, making all the members of the Association partakers in the merits of those works of zeal and charity, which it is the object of the Association to effect and encourage. If we read the '' Annals'' of this Association, we shall learn of the labours and sufferings of those zealous Missionaries whom this Society has sent out, or assisted, in distant countries ;. and, by our union with them in the Association, we have a share also in the merits of their toils, their sacrifices and their triumphs. The manner, in which the funds of of the Association of the " Propagation of the Faith " are received, is by means of a Branch of the Society being started in each Mission. The subscription required from each member is only one half-penny a week. The union of ten subscribers forms a Circle, and each Circle is entitled to a copy of the " Annals " of the Association. Those, who are thus united and who say the little prayers appointed, become entitled to many Indulgences, which have been granted to the Society, and to share also in the merits of its works in all parts of the world. It requires but a little zeal, and a little care in its organization, and a flourishing Branch of the Association will soon be in existence. We hope, therefore, that active steps will be taken in each congregation to establish a Branch of the Association, and that, at the end of the year, the amount that we shall be able to transmit to the head Office of the Association of the " Propagation of the Faith " will be much larger than has been sent in past years. Bishop Mostyn's Pastoral. P.S.—The " A.P.F. " will be established in our church on Good Friday next (25 March '10).