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THE ILLUSTRATED WREXHAM ARGUS AND NORTH WALES ATHLETE. Edited by Arthur Wji. Berkeley. No. 311] JUNE, 1910. T2d. NOTES AND NOTIONS. The greatest sympathy is felt with mother,and the sorrowing family. his father and Mr F. H. Hawkins, of Beeoiiley, chairman of the London Missionary Society, who is on a tour in China, is expected to reach home about June 10th or 11th. The Mayor (Mr J. Stanford) has issued a letter inviting the inhabitants of the town and district to give their prac¬ tical support and influence to the proposal to invite the National Eisteddfodd of 1912 to Wrexham, and asking them to become guarantors for a sum of not less than £1,000. " In these days of eisteddfodau (says the Mayor) it is un¬ necessary to apologise for urging the claims of our national institution for public support; the extraordinary influence it exerts in stimulating and developing intellectual pursuits among the people is confirmed by the fact that many of the leaders of thought and social reform in England have recognised its invaluable aid in this direction, and the increasing number of musical competitive festivals founded and successfully carried on in England during the past few years are just tributes to the splendid results obtained through the instrumentality of the National Eisteddfod." The guarantee fund already amounts to £800. After various unforeseen delays, the new Aiexmdra Schools will be informally opened for the reception of scholars on Monday, June 9th. But for the lamented death of the King, there would have been a public ceremony, which has, however, been abandoned. We regret to announce the death of Mr Herbert Davies, M.A., the eldest son of Mi Howel Davies, J.P., whicli occurred at Lucknow. The deceased gentleman, whose age was only 37, left Wrexham for India about eight years ago, and at the time of his death was the principal of a college at Lucknow. He was a man of brilliant scholarly attainments, and was well-known and much respected in his native town. The letting of the Yspytty land, close to the Public Library, has caused frictio.i on a former occasion, and therefore it is the more to be regretted that the Markets Committee have again decided to let it, this time for a cinematograph show, on a lease for five years There are quite sufficient places of amusement in the town at present, without allowing outsiders to come in and compete with local people, who pay heavy rates, arid are also large consumers of the Corporation's electric current. In addition to whicli, this land was purchased for the extension of the Markets, and paid for by a loan granted for that purpose. And it is questionable whether the land can be devoted to any other use During a discussion on the subject in ttie Council Chamber, Councillor Sauvage said in hi» opinion it would have been much better if the Council could have built a large hall on the site, at a cost of £1,500 or £2,000. There was no provision made at present for the propel disposal of vegetables wholesale, for a flower market, or foi| a cheese pitch, and he believed that a suitable building would bring in a considerable revenue. They were receiving at present about £500 a year i tolls from the Vegetable Market, and nothing like adequat( provision was made The Council did not seem inclined to go in for anything of that kind however, and that being so, he would agre to the land being let in accordance with the agreement, a £120 a year, in order that they might have some revenu from it. Councillors Jarman, Birkett Evans, Kowland, and Dr Edwards-Jones strongly objected to the land being le for the purpose proposed, but without avail. Alderman W. E. Samuel -has been elected Chairman o the Old Age Pensions Committee for Denbighshire an the following sub-committee has been elected fo Wrexham :—Messrs. J. A. Chadwick, A. Seymour Jones W. E. Samuel, Thgk. Jones, J. W. Evans, George Cromai Edward Williams, J. Lee, W. Lowe.