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$f. PAUL'S SCHOLARS' SEPTEMBER, 1898. PRICE ONE PENNY. The Headmaster's Desk, St. Paul's School. I have this month the unpleasant duty of announcing that we cannot admit any more children into the School at present. The classes are already sadly overcrowded, and we are forced to use two rooms outside the school premises, an arrangement which, of course, is very unsatis¬ factory. At last, the Board are moving in the matter. The new playgrounds are highly appreciated by all of us—it gives the children plenty of room to breathe and to exercise their limbs without treading on each other's toes. We are higly pleased with the result of the Scholarships' examination. The five Scholar¬ ships awarded were won by our pupils. One scholar—second on the list—was, I am sorry to say, disqualified, as he had not previously attended a public elementary school for three years. The names of the successful scholars are :— Elias O. Williams, Princes Road *"Cecil Pughe, Menai View Terrace John R H. Williams, Victoria Park /John Jones, Oak Cottage \ Richard Owen, Glanadda Herbert Ellis Rogers, Caellepa * Disqualified. List of Perfect Attenders for Month ending July 22ND. STANDARD I. Girls—Eliz. Ann Hdmphreys, Ellen Da vies, Jennie Hughes, Maggie M. Hughes, . Bessie Jones, Lily Kaye, Louisa Ellen Parry, Gladys Richards, Jennie Thomas. Boys—Robert Anderson, Theophilus Evans, Tommy Griffith, |ohn Gwilym Hughes, Richard Jones, Ebenezer Rowlands. STANDARD II. Girls—Eliza Martin Anderson, Catherine Mary Jones, Gertrude Littler, Ada Olive Mitchell, Madge Muir, Emily Oare, Lizzie Owen, Margaret A. Tarry, Myfanwy Thomas, Blanche N. Williams, Ellen Williams. Boys—Willie Francis Brown, David William Edwards' David Ivor Edwards, John Hugh Edwards, Willie Evans. John Richard Jones, Willie Washington Owen, Griffith James I'attison, Bertie Pierce, Thomas Thomas, Wm. John Thomas, Robert Thomas, Robert Edward Williams, Cadwaladr lones, Willie Owen, Henry Jones, William Rowlands, William Buckland, Llewelyn Wynne Griffiths, John Lewis Hughes, William John Jones, George Hartley. STANDARD III. Girls—Winnie M. Hughes, Nellie Myfanwy Hughes, Catherine Mary Jones, Grace Jones, Katie Jones, Cath. H. Jones, Grace Owen, Kate Alice Williams, Mona Williams, Miriam Griffith, Flor. Kate Evans. Boys—Hughie Davies, David Dargie, Wm. Fenn, Robt. Arthur Hughes, Chas. Ily. J one.,, Lewis Jones, Tom Jones, Hugh Price Jones, Howell Edward Lewis, Thomas Humphreys, Dd. Gray Thomas, Thos. Williams, John Robert Williams, Ellis Jones Morris. STANDARD IV. Girls—Bertha Hobbs, Millie Hughes, Mary Jane Jones, Annie Pritchard (a), Margaret Pritchard, Mary Sarah Roberts, Mary Roberts, Jennie Williams. Boys—Robert John Buckland, Fred Dargie, John Davies, Henry Edwards, Henry Evans, Stanley Evans, Robert Hughes, George Alfred James, David Jones, Ernest O'Donald, Morris Owen, Robert Owen, Thomas Pritchard, Benjamin Roberts, Robert Roberts, Lewis Henry Thomas, Howel Venables Williams. STANDARD V. Girls—Elizabeth Roberts, Nellie Thomas, Louis Maude Williams, Annie Williams (a), Annie Williams (b), Mary Catherine Williams. Bovs— Frank Griffith, Prank Gill, Griffith Griffiths,, William Sam Hughes, Owen David Hughes, David Jones, John Henry Parry, Hubert Trevor Williams, Oswald Griffith, Wm Robert Owen. STANDARD VI. . Hughes, Lizzie Jones, Lily Simons, s. Buckland, Arthur Jackson, Teddie lowlands, Robert J. Williams, John R. STANDARD VII. Buckland. Henry Williams, Wallace Bayne, John mes, John William Jones, Basil Jones, I, Llewelyn Richards, Thomas John Girls - Laura E Ceridwen William Boys—Thomas Rowlands, John F Williams. Girls—Priscilla Boys—Richard Jones, David S. J Richard Owen (b Roberts.