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ST. PAUL'S SCHOLARS' NIACAZlNE. OCTOBER, 1898. PRICE ONE PENNY The Headmaster's Desk, St. Paul's School. The scholars I am sure will rejoice with me at the success of the boys who have gained the County Scholarships this year. Their names were published in last month's Magazine. At the same time we must express our sympathy with the girls. They were looking forward to the examination in July, but were sorely disappointed to find that no Scholarships were to be be granted this year. I do not know where the fault lies, but it is hard that Bangor girls should be debarred from the privileges which are open to every girl in Wales outside of Bangor. It may be said that the girls should enter the County School and pay the fees. But, the fees are much too high at the Girls' County School and at Friars, compared with the fees of other schools in the County. I have now the pleasure of congratulating Nellie Evans, on her success in gaining the Tate Scholarship. She is only eleven years of age, and the examination was open to the whole of North Wales. Well done ! Nellie. We shall watch your future career with great interest. The following information may be interesting. It gives the number on books and the average attendance since 1883. Number on Books. Average Attendance. 1883 33i 183 219 212 296 215 308 236 337 232 336 252 334 245 1890 341 233 357 299 369 3i3 360 301 347 '327 347 335 362 332 45i 357 The following is a list of Scholars who have gained Scholarships since 1892. Boys. Girls. 1892 T. R. Davies 1893 T. E. Whitlock Richard Jones Arthur O. Jones 1894 J. Gwilym Hughes Robert Thomas Percy Dutton John Parry Arnold Boothroyd i8qs Willie Jones Pollie Jones Vincent Lacon Katie Hughes Gaius G. Roberts Ella Williams John Lewis Davies Gwladys Williams 1896 Robert Williams T. H. Lewis No examination 1897 T. Glynn Williams A. Bracegirdle Rheinallt Jones Minnie Jones 1898 33 Elias O. Williams * Cecil Pugh No examination J. R. II. Williams Nellie Evans ,, John Jones (Tate Scholarship) 33 33 Richard Owen Herbert E. Rogers List of Perfect Attenders during September. STANDARD I. Girls—*Nellie O. Davies, Sarah C. Hughes, Dora Hughes, Jennie Hughes, Maggie M. Hughes, Gracie Jones, Bessie Jones, Louisa E. Parry, Gladys Richards. * Omitted last month. Boys—Robert Anderson, Johnny Butler, Tommy Griffiths, John LI. Hughes, John Gw. Hughes, Ellis Jones, Willie Owen. STANDARD II. Girls—Eliza M. Anderson, Catherine Mary Jones, Emily Oare, Ceridwen Williams, Bessie Foulkes. Boys—Edward James Buckland, William James Davies, Robert O. Eames, David J. Edwards, John H. Edwards, Jno. Rd. Jones, Edgar Lloyd Jones, Owen P. Rowlands, Willie Williams {b), Wm, Rowlands, Plenry Jones, Wm. Buckland, George Ellis. STANDARD III. Girls—Mary Jane Butler, Nellie Davies, Nellie Myfanwy Hughes, Kate Jones, Catherine II. Tones, Winnie Roberts, Mona Williams, Alice Clarke, Mamie Jones. Boys—Uwghie Davies, David Dargie, Wm. Edwards, Robert Arthur Hughes, Emyr Humphreys, Howel Edward Lewis, Teddie Owen, Fred Savage, Noel Savage, Thomas Williams, Ellis Jones Morris.