Symud i'r prif gynnwys

THE WEST OF ENGLAND MAGAZINE. No. 24. Monday, August 20. Half-penny. THE LION MAN-OF-WAR. In the year 1745, his Ma¬ jesty's ship the Lion, of fifty- eight guns, commanded by Captain Brett, engaged with two French vessels; one a man-of-war of sixty-four guns, and the other a ship of sixteen guns. The Lion ran alongside the large ship, and fought her within pistol shot for five hours, when her rigging being cut to pieces, and her masts shot away, so that she lay muzzled in the sea, and could do nothing with her sails, the French ship escaped. Forty- five of the Lion's men were killed, and one hundred and seven wounded. Every person quartered at the guns was killed upon the spot, except two men and a boy. Captain Brett was wounded in the arm, in the foot, and was knocked down with splinters several times. His lieutenants were all wounded two hours before the close of the action, but still would not leave the deck, but continued to en¬ courage the men to the last. It is singular that, with such examples of bravery, a coward could be found in the vessel; but this was the case. The captain of marines, though called upon several times