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Jtrctafltoijia €nmbnnm. FIFTH SFEIFS.— VOL. XII, NO. XLV. JANUARY 1895. THE PROPOSED ETHNOGRAPHICAL, ARCHAEOLO¬ GICAL, AND PHOTOGRAPHIC SURVEY OF WALES. At a meeting of the Committee of the Cambrian Archaeological Association, held at Shrewsbury on the 25th of April 1893, a Committee, consisting of the fol¬ lowing gentlemen, was appointed to devise a scheme for an Ethnographical Survey of Wales, and to act in concert with the Committee of the Ethnographical Sur¬ vey of the British Association for the Advancement of Science :— Prof. W. Boyd Dawkins, F.R.S. Edward Laws Stephen W. Williams, F.S.A. E. Sidney Hartland, F.S.A. Ven. Archdeacon Thomas, F.S.A. J. Romilly Allen. (The last named to act as Secretary to the Committee.) The Committee now make the following suggestions, and invite discussion upon them :-— (1.) That the same executive machinery and methods of work be used, as far as practicable, for the Ethno¬ graphical, Archaeological, and Photographic branches of the Survey; but that separate Committees be appointed to superintend the working of each branch. The three 5th SElt., VOL. XII. X