Symud i'r prif gynnwys

irrjj&ntogia Caitttotmi THIRD SERIES, No. IX.—JANUARY, 1857. KIDWELLY CHARTERS. (Continued from page 281, Vol. II.) (E.) A.D. 1619. Charter of the Borough of Kidwelly, granted in the reign of James I. James by the Grace of God of England Scotland France and Ireland King Defender of the faith &c. To our beloved and right trusty Sir Humphrey May Kn* Chancellor of our Duchy of Lancaster Greeting We command you that under the seal of our said Duchy of Lancaster you cause our letters to be made patent in form following— The King to all to whom &c. Greeting Whereas our Borough of Kidwellie in our County of Carmarthen is a very ancient and popu¬ lous Borough & the Mayor Bailiffs & commonalty of the sd Borough by divers sev1 names have had used and enjoyed divers liberties franchises immunities customes preheminences and heredits as well by divers charters and letters patent of divers our Predecessors & An¬ cestors late Kings of England Dukes of Lancaster & others as by reason of divers prescriptions usuages & customs in the same Boro of old time used had and accustomed And Whereas our beloved subjects the now Mayor Bailiffs and Burgesses of the Borough afd have humbly entreated us that as far as in us lies we would for the better rule & improvement of the said Boro' graciously extend our royal Grace and munificence to them the sd Mayor Bailiffs and Burgesses of the Borough afd in this behalf And that we would vouchsafe to reduce constitute or create anew the sd Mayor Bailiffs and Commonalty of the sd Borough by which name or names they have soever they have been heretofore incorporated into one body corporate & politic by the name of the Mayor Alderman & Bailiffs & Burgesses of the ARCH. CAMB., THIRD SERIES, VOL. III. B